How can I bring more happiness into my life?

I asked myself this question recently whilst sitting on my bench (I’ve adopted it for the Summer) with pen and paper in hand.

The first two answers were all about other people:
1. Be the warmth and positivity for others – happiness breeds happiness after all.
2. Be kind to others – on a similar vain, kindness breeds kindness (in my world anyway). Volunteer my time; be generous.

Then I took a long careful look at answers 1 and 2 and challenged my heart to answer the question, not my head. It took a while but the list that came was long and cathartic, everything from photography and circus skills to botony and singing. So now, I just need to find time to prioritise the fabulous things that I remember from childhood and from a time when my head wasn’t so in control of my life; that is my challenge to myself.

I read Gretchin’s post recently about three different breeds of fun – challenging, accommodating and relaxing. I realised that I don’t have much ‘challenging fun’ in my life, I have created a comfortable world in which challenges are only work related and life is a bit vanilla flavour. Now though, I have my blog, my running and a lot of plans for the future that will become clear as this blog unfolds; watch this space.

The cathartic, heart-led list of things I love led me to identify six key priorities for my happiness blogging – this is the gran plan:
1. Be active – running and yoga
2. Eat – (I am a foodie after all) – baking, cooking, pudding, gluten freeing and dining out all included
3. Relax – making time for meditation, innerspace talks and anything else that takes my fancy
4. Learn – find purpose, challenge and projects (live through stories, not isolated events)
5. Explore people, projects and opportunities
6. Reignite my childhood self

And then I wondered whether I’m over-thinking this. But over-thinking is a big part of who I am so I’m going to embrace it and go with the flow for a while.


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